What is your type?

How do Casting Directors see you?

Every actor MUST know how CASTING DIRECTORS see You. That is how you are going to be cast. If you think you can play everything you are wrong, It is CRITICAL for every actor to know understand how casting sees you when you walk in the door. Once you know your TYPE you can get headshots that reflect your TYPE and create a demo reel that properly markets you to casting, directors, agents and managers.

What type are you? Are you the leading Man? The Leading Lady? A Character Actor? What types of roles FIT you?  FIND OUT NOW BY SCHEDULING A SKYPE CONSULTATION WITH WENDY!



For actors who have a few questions and have been at this for awhile but need clarity on something specific they are dealing with.





For actors who are new or just beginning, have a lot of questions, need guidance and a step-by step plan of action for the next 2-3 years.

3 hour



A 3 hour in-person consultation in Los Angeles.

After you pay, you will be emailed to schedule your consultation.