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Speak DIRECTLY with Wendy Alane Wright The Hollywood Talent Manager about your career.

Welcome to my website where I help thousands of people just like YOU become actors! If you have big dreams and ready to make them happen  get guidance and direction from a real Hollywood Talent Manager! I can help you get STARTED or build your career. I do it every day with the clients I manage in Hollywood. If it's your dream to be on set working in front of the camera, I am here to guide you in the right direction to achieve that dream.

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Get Professional Guidance and a PLAN OF ACTION from a

REAL Hollywood Talent Manager


Schedule Your Zoom
Career Session

Here's What We Will TALK about!

  • I will listen to where you are in your career...then tell you what you are doing right / wrong, and everything you SHOULD be doing!

  • Based on my 30+ years of experience I will give you a personal 3-5 year plan of action to build your career with SPECIFIC ACTIONABLE STEPS you can start implementing IMMEDIATELY!

  • I will personally evaluate your headshots, resume, demo reel and your online casting profiles and tell you how you need to level up to get more auditions.  We will discuss the types of headshots you need to get more auditions, tweak your resume to give it more power and advise you how put together a demo reel that reflects your Type and gets you NOTICED by Casting Directors!

  • I will clarify the RIGHT Acting Classes you should be taking.

  • I will assess your TYPE and identify the roles you are most likely be cast in.

  • Marketing & Networking plan - to help you get more exposure /  build your Industry contacts.

  • Explain what Agents and Managers are REALLY looking for so you can get a legit Commercial Agent or Theatrical Agent.

  • Show you how to get even more Auditions. Plus: Teach you how the casting process REALLY works so you can STAND OUT in Auditions.

  • Explain how to make an impact on by Casting Directors, Producers and Directors.

  • Teach you how to correctly Self-Tape your auditions.

  • Offer proven ideas to IMPROVE your chances of getting auditions.

  • Discuss how to make $$$ as an actor.

  • Let you on in the inside and explain how things really work in show business so you can beat out your competition!

  • Q&A I will answer any questions you have...SO GO BELOW TO BOOK YOUR SESSION! This conversation is a GAME-CHANGER. Zoom Name: wawassistant

  • These Conversations are for NON clients ONLY. I do not manage the people I give career consultations to. I never charge my clients fees of any kind. My signed clients pay commission only on the work they book. Assessments are non refundable. - Currently I am NOT accepting management clients at this time.

"Wendy I learned more from this one conversation than than I did in 6 YEARS in Los Angeles." - Jeremy Renford. 

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Private One-on-one with Wendy for actors who are newer or starting from scratch, & have a lot of questions. I will cover your Types, Headshots,  Resume,  AA profiles, Clips, Reels, Marketing, Social Media, and Networking with CDS. You will receive a 2-3 year plan of action.

and get answers to any questions you have.

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Consultations available only on Monday & Tuesdays between 3:00pm pst - 6:00pm pst. 
EMAIL WENDY to schedule your session

Scroll down for tons of reviews!

Guilliana Marion

Melbourne, Australia

"I highly recommend Wendy's Skype Call. I am from Melbourne, Australia and had done countless of classes and thought I knew it all, I had been watching Wendy's youtube videos and thought wow she's really telling it like it is, there was no crap. She was telling secrets that often classes wouldn't reveal. I done classes and submitted myself for acting work, had an agent but nothing was happening, and every time I would ask no one could tell me what I needed to do. The biggest response I would be getting would it be a lot of roles are for younger people, they want models...etc...etc..but I wasn't about becoming a star, I just wanted to work as an actor, whether that'd be two lines, a guest role, whatever. I thought let me take the plunge and schedule a skype call with Wendy, not thinking I would discover new information, boy was I wrong, this woman went straight to the point, told me exactly what my type was based on my look not judging whether I was beautiful or not, just what I would be cast for, what I needed my headshots to market, she helped me with my reel, telling me exactly what needed to be on there, rather than wasting money and paying for a showreel where half of the time the scenes you would be filming aren't even marketing your type. I just wanted to burst into tears of joy, why didn't anyone tell me this before!!!
Wendy refuelled my passion, gave me clear direction on what i needed my packaging to be to kickstart my acting career, gave me a clear plan of action to get more auditions, she talked to me about ways and where to network. She just reboosted my confidence, affirming that yes I can do this, there is nothing wrong with me, its just the way I am marketing my product. I am so grateful for Wendy, for her support and advice. For anyone out there, before wasting your money on countless showreels and headshots, please consult Wendy beforehand, stop wasting time and money, I am a normally a skeptic, but she blew my mind. I will be consistenly consulting with Wendy from choosing scenes to headshots, to networks, based on where I am at. I have been doing classes for over 8 years, and Wendy's advice beats them all.
Thank you Heaps Wendy,
Love you heaps!!!"

Regie Cashaw 


"Wendy I'm so grateful to meet you. Thanks for your helpful and motivating advice during our Career Consultation. You gave me so much useful information and I can tell you care about what you do. I'm so blessed to have have a beautiful supportive "ride or die" wife and God putting people like you in my life. Thank you again. I wish you continue blessing in the work you do. God bless. Regie"

Ruth WIlliams


""Wendy is AMAZING ! first Skype call with her she gave me all of the clarification I needed in order to move forward in my pursuit for acting. She was knowledgeable and direct with the innumerable amount of information that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. She took her time, and she even set up my entire actors access profile for me and for that I am honestly grateful. After the Skype call with Wendy I felt more empowered with all the knowledge Wendy imparted on me. Not only did she encourage me but she also gave me practical advice so that I may be able to move forward successfully with my career."  Ruth

Mom Jennifer and Xochitl

Los Angeles 

"This is for anyone "on the fence" about scheduling a meeting with Wendy…. DO IT NOW!!! Its worth every single penny and then some! Let me assure you that Wendy has solid advice no matter where you are on your journey in the world of acting. We are not total "newbies" but nonetheless had hit some bumps and needed sound advice and clear direction. Wendy provided all that and more. Your session will clear your doubts as Wendy will tell it like it is and give you a solid game plan with tasks to execute and habits to develop that will renew your mission and fill you with positivity. This is a fantastic way to get management advice prior to being in a place where you need a manager full time. We will be back for more guidance as things develop. Wendy, thanks for providing this service. You are a gem!"

Laura Anne Smith

""Wendy I can't even begin to tell you how great it was to talk to you and how invaluable the information you gave me is.

After my consultation, I feel so much more prepared to take the next step in my career. If you are an actor looking to further your career I would 1000% recommend scheduling your consultation with Wendy ASAP."

Lisa and Alicen Abler


"Wendy, we are so blessed to be able to tap into your wisdom and insight. Thank you for your time with our 45-Minute Skype Career Consultation. After our Skype conversation, we have a priority list for our plan of action. We will most certainly be in touch and send you head shots, links etc. as we progress through our coming adventures. It is obvious that you genuinely care about nurturing actors - for that we are grateful."

Luc Jean 


Wendy Advantageous! Blessing! Fun! 3 words to describe today's 45 minute Skype Career Consultation:). I honestly felt like I learned more about the business of acting than anything I ever known. And I thought I knew a lot lol being a recent graduate of the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts. You were very patient and kind to me. You took the time out to see where I was coming from and leveled with me so I could fully understand what I was getting myself into. Thank you so much for speaking very clearly about how to build relationships with actors, directors and casting directors. Wendy, This was honestly one of the best conversations I've ever had in my whole entire life. You are an amazing person. Can't wait to see what the future holds :)


Producer, Director, Actor. Paris, France

Thank you so much Wendy! That Skype call was thrilling! Talking with Wendy is like talking to your best friend: She wants you to be successful. She so much wants it that having a Skype call with her is not only the opportunity to have a great understanding on how the movie industry works in Hollywood and get ready to go working, but you’ll get 100% infected by her enthusiasm. And we all know that for an audition, your talent is not enough: you must own other tools that will make the casting director to become “a fan” as she says. Wendy helps you on that. I have much gratitude. You already are a part of my success! You're wonderful. 

Kristen A. Fiss

Ontario, Canada

"Imagine someone who truly cares about your dream, and who wants to give you 100% of their time and energy in order to make that dream come true. Wendy is that person. She has been there every step of the way for me with my acting career, and I look forward to each opportunity I get to praise her for her amazing work. Wendy's career consultation is an absolute MUST. It is the perfect foundation, or refresher, for any actor. No matter where you are at in your career, a career consultation with Wendy will get you on the track you need to be on. She will get you into gear, and will encourage you the whole way through. She goes to lengths no other talent manager will go, simply to make things easier for you and to help you succeed. She genuinely loves what she does, and she genuinely loves the people she does it for. I love you Wendy!"

Antuane Rogers

"Speaking with you invigorated me. My mind was opened and clarity was brought. Our conversation was impactful in many ways, one of the biggest came when speaking of the capacity to reverse engineer; the way you think of the business, conquering it, and thus being able to engineer your own model of success. You echoed your book, when you said "....AND NEVER GIVING UP", when you disregarded the clock, NEVER GAVE UP ON ME, and stayed on our phone call until I could walk away feeling supported and confident in the continued steps we defined together. I'm grateful to have added more tools to my arsenal, which will assist me in further focusing my immense passion. From the bottom of my heart, gracias mi dame. I'll be in touch with you a lot more along this journey:), Your time, effort, and wisdom will not go unutilized"

Gabrielle and Elise Fisher

"Wendy, Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and educating us further in our 90 Minute Skype Career Counseling session. You're willingness to be candid has given Gabby, not only food for thought, but also courage. I now better understood how to evaluate a manager's performance and my expectations. The knowledge has given us more confidence. To other actors: I suggest whatever means available to have a meeting with Wendy.  If you're not in the area SKYPE-ing is the way to go!  It's better to have the information needed to be prepared for this industry. You'll second guess yourself less and save time and money.


When we have questions or need guidance we'll be sure to contact you again for your professional advice. On a personal note, we enjoyed your openness and overall sense of positivity. It's refreshing and exactly what we needed."

Christina Frank


"It is such an honor to call Wendy my Mentor! My first Skype Career Consultation with Wendy was 100% effective and more then I expected. Wendy has great knowledge, energy and immense amount of patience. She took the time to put herself in my shoes, to review my past and present state of my career. She has guided me in a specific and effective direction. Wendy is straight forward and I love her for that. She has given me many options and avenues to explore and to expand my career. I am eager to see what the future holds. I am so grateful and blessed we crossed paths!"

Jack Davies

Cardiff, Wales

"It was an amazing experience having the chance to talk with Wendy face to face via Skype during our Career Consultation. There are some people in the world that do what they do because of a deep desire inside of them that drives them to do it, you can feel that coming from Wendy. She genuinely wants to help actors chase their dreams, and means it when she says “I love you actors”... You feel the love!
If you are an aspiring actor, or even an established one, having someone like Wendy in your corner can give you so much belief to achieve your goals. Whether it’s watching her hundreds of YouTube videos, her detailed books, or having a conversation with her, Wendy gives so much. I believe that if you’re lucky enough to be able to work with Wendy by booking a Skype session, do it now! Wendy is one of the best resources for acting you can ever have. Plus the love she has for what she does is unreal!"

Hannah Cooney


"Wendy, Thank you so much for the fun and insightful 90 Minute Skype Career session. I am very excited to use everything I learned to better train and market myself, and make and keep track of my industry connections as I pursue my dream of being in film and television. The one year plan you helped put together definitely makes the future seem less daunting, and I now feel like I have more control over my career than ever before. I look forward to talking to you again soon!"

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Wendy's signed Management clients pay 15-20% commission on the jobs they book, period. They receive her e-Books and guidance without charge, ever. Consultation services are for NON-CLIENTS ONLY and are available to all actors and singers throughout the USA and the World. There are no refunds for any coaching services. Revision to scheduled coaching is possible. Coaching is not a promise of success. It is a guarantee that you will have actionable steps you can take towards success. Success and results are entirely the responsibility of each person. BOND# 57BSBHQ9038

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