Kristen A. Fiss

Ontario, Canada

"Imagine someone who truly cares about your dream, and who wants to give you 100% of their time and energy in order to make that dream come true. Wendy is that person. She has been there every step of the way for me with my acting career, and I look forward to each opportunity I get to praise her for her amazing work. Wendy's career consultation is an absolute MUST. It is the perfect foundation, or refresher, for any actor. No matter where you are at in your career, a career consultation with Wendy will get you on the track you need to be on. She will get you into gear, and will encourage you the whole way through. She goes to lengths no other talent manager will go, simply to make things easier for you and to help you succeed. She genuinely loves what she does, and she genuinely loves the people she does it for. I love you Wendy!"

Regie Cashaw 


"Wendy I'm so grateful to meet you. Thanks for your helpful and motivating advice during our Career Consultation. You gave me so much useful information and I can tell you care about what you do. I'm so blessed to have have a beautiful supportive "ride or die" wife and God putting people like you in my life. Thank you again. I wish you continue blessing in the work you do. God bless. Regie"

Gabrielle and Elise Fisher

"Wendy, Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and educating us further in our 90 Minute Skype Career Counseling session. You're willingness to be candid has given Gabby, not only food for thought, but also courage. I now better understood how to evaluate a manager's performance and my expectations. The knowledge has given us more confidence. To other actors: I suggest whatever means available to have a meeting with Wendy.  If you're not in the area SKYPE-ing is the way to go!  It's better to have the information needed to be prepared for this industry. You'll second guess yourself less and save time and money.


When we have questions or need guidance we'll be sure to contact you again for your professional advice. On a personal note, we enjoyed your openness and overall sense of positivity. It's refreshing and exactly what we needed."

Amy Jo Berman

"Listen to this woman"

Kahlid Tapia

Seoul, Korea

"Had my first Acting Career Consultation today with the wonderful L.A. Talent Manager Wendy Alane Wright. I officially have an acting career mentor!! She provided great guidance and criticisms. ‪#‎outheregrindin‬ ‪#‎movinonup‬ ‪#‎cuzImahustlerbaby‬"

Matthew Antar


"Wendy, Thank you again for the Skype Career consult today -- I took vigorous notes and will be making lots of changes to my marketing presence. I hope to find someone to manage my career in NYC that's as hands-on as you are! After our conversation I feel revitalized, recharged, and you gave me a real sense of direction for the future. Thank you!"

Lisa and Alicen Abler


"Wendy, we are so blessed to be able to tap into your wisdom and insight. Thank you for your time with our 45-Minute Skype Career Consultation. After our Skype conversation, we have a priority list for our plan of action. We will most certainly be in touch and send you head shots, links etc. as we progress through our coming adventures. It is obvious that you genuinely care about nurturing actors - for that we are grateful."

Luc Jean 


Wendy Advantageous! Blessing! Fun! 3 words to describe today's 45 minute Skype Career Consultation:). I honestly felt like I learned more about the business of acting than anything I ever known. And I thought I knew a lot lol being a recent graduate of the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts. You were very patient and kind to me. You took the time out to see where I was coming from and leveled with me so I could fully understand what I was getting myself into. Thank you so much for speaking very clearly about how to build relationships with actors, directors and casting directors. Wendy, This was honestly one of the best conversations I've ever had in my whole entire life. You are an amazing person. Can't wait to see what the future holds :)


Producer, Director, Actor. Paris, France

Thank you so much Wendy! That Skype call was thrilling! Talking with Wendy is like talking to your best friend: She wants you to be successful. She so much wants it that having a Skype call with her is not only the opportunity to have a great understanding on how the movie industry works in Hollywood and get ready to go working, but you’ll get 100% infected by her enthusiasm. And we all know that for an audition, your talent is not enough: you must own other tools that will make the casting director to become “a fan” as she says. Wendy helps you on that. I have much gratitude. You already are a part of my success! You're wonderful. 

Christina Frank


"It is such an honor to call Wendy my Mentor! My first Skype Career Consultation with Wendy was 100% effective and more then I expected. Wendy has great knowledge, energy and immense amount of patience. She took the time to put herself in my shoes, to review my past and present state of my career. She has guided me in a specific and effective direction. Wendy is straight forward and I love her for that. She has given me many options and avenues to explore and to expand my career. I am eager to see what the future holds. I am so grateful and blessed we crossed paths!"

Jack Davies

Cardiff, Wales

"It was an amazing experience having the chance to talk with Wendy face to face via Skype during our Career Consultation. There are some people in the world that do what they do because of a deep desire inside of them that drives them to do it, you can feel that coming from Wendy. She genuinely wants to help actors chase their dreams, and means it when she says “I love you actors”... You feel the love!
If you are an aspiring actor, or even an established one, having someone like Wendy in your corner can give you so much belief to achieve your goals. Whether it’s watching her hundreds of YouTube videos, her detailed books, or having a conversation with her, Wendy gives so much. I believe that if you’re lucky enough to be able to work with Wendy by booking a Skype session, do it now! Wendy is one of the best resources for acting you can ever have. Plus the love she has for what she does is unreal!"

Hannah Cooney


"Wendy, Thank you so much for the fun and insightful 90 Minute Skype Career session. I am very excited to use everything I learned to better train and market myself, and make and keep track of my industry connections as I pursue my dream of being in film and television. The one year plan you helped put together definitely makes the future seem less daunting, and I now feel like I have more control over my career than ever before. I look forward to talking to you again soon!"

Antuane Rogers

"Speaking with you invigorated me. My mind was opened and clarity was brought. Our conversation was impactful in many ways, one of the biggest came when speaking of the capacity to reverse engineer; the way you think of the business, conquering it, and thus being able to engineer your own model of success. You echoed your book, when you said "....AND NEVER GIVING UP", when you disregarded the clock, NEVER GAVE UP ON ME, and stayed on our phone call until I could walk away feeling supported and confident in the continued steps we defined together. I'm grateful to have added more tools to my arsenal, which will assist me in further focusing my immense passion. From the bottom of my heart, gracias mi dame. I'll be in touch with you a lot more along this journey:), Your time, effort, and wisdom will not go unutilized"

Shanel Riley


"Wendy, Thank you so much for your Skype Career consultation. After our hour long session, I was able to get clarity and a specific plan for my future plans. I am a firm believer of creating goals and having a checklist to help you with your plan and Wendy you are definitely the go to for this help. When you ask for help she gets right to the point, which I love about her. Thank you Wendy for all of your help and guidance."

Defne Samyeli

TV STAR, News Anchor, Host, Singer, Turkey.

"Wendy, It was wonderful speaking with YOU during our SKYPE CAREER CONSULTATION. I can’t begin to tell you how inspired, encouraged and on the right path you made me feel. You have a transformative light you shine upon people you touch - even via youtube. Right after our consultation I became a SERIES REGULAR on a top rated TV show in Turkey. It's a huge hit and is viewed by more than 200 million people every month. In case you want to take a peek:
I said what I said, on behalf of thousands of people who view your material every second. May the same light always shine upon your own path… I’m happy our paths crossed and you became a part of my journey. I will be happy and grateful no matter where that journey takes me. Please let me know if you need anything from this part of the world."

Dari Odman

11th grade Indianapolis, Indiana

"Wendy, I am so very grateful for your mentorship. After our Skype Consultation and reading your e-book Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager I am a hundred times more confident about the actions that I am taking in my career. You have taken a huge weight off my shoulders in a way that I know that I will truly be ok if I continue to put in the hard work and high level of focus. I'm excited to say I just booked 2 short films. You are so supportive, caring, and generous. I am so glad to have made a new friend; I hope to stay in touch with you for years to come."

Amanda Marsden


"Hello Wendy! Was excellent talking to you last night! Thank you so much. Our Skype Career Counseling session was very helpful. I feel more inspired now like I am on the right track. It was great to be able to talk with you one on one and get specific advice relevant to me. I cannot have a conversation like that with my current agent - they do not have the time to spend 1 hour with each of their actors, they only have time to submit and arrange bookings. So it was very beneficial to get some one on one advice from you. Thank you for spending the extra hour with me. Greatly appreciated."

Lena Nasiri

"Hey Wendy, great!!! I loved our Skype was really amazing and eye opening. I would love to have another session soon. Thank you so much for your time!!! Have a wonderful day!"

Timothy O. Williams II

"Wendy, You really have made a big impact in my life. Our 60 minute Skype Coaching, The Winners Circle & your e-Book have completely revamped my entire perspective on pursuing an Acting career. I was selected to SELF TAPE for a LEAD role in a SAG-AFTRA Feature Film called Southpaw rumored to star forest whitaker and Lupita Nyong'o - Directed by Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day"), produced by Ezra Swerdlow ("Alien 3" "Jumpstreet").I have received 2 CALLBACKS this week for 2 professional theatre productions and I booked a LEAD role in a Indie Film and a Webseries.
Before I discovered your YOU TUBE Videos, had our Skype consultation and read your eBook I honestly didn't have a clear vision of how to break into the business. I was really just winging my career. You have given me so much clear direction and confidence to approach this career as a business professional. Your knowledge and motivation have given me a sense of navigation and control on starting my own acting business. I feel empowered now. You are really a Angel sent from heaven! I don't know why you care so much about actors but its shows and its genuine! I plan to stay close to you Wendy as I embark on this journey."

UPDATE: The short film "22 Soldiers" Directed by Desmond Lamont starring Dana Gray Garrett Thierry and myself was accepted as a Official Selection Entry to Project Greenlight produced by Matt Damon & Ben Affleck.

Jonathan Freudman


"Wendy, First of all I would like to say that you are awesome. You understand the actors' point of view, you understand the business and the struggle, and you speak with the truth all the time. As an actor that decided to take the big step to L.A. in January I strongly recommend actors to have one of these Skype sessions. All the information was really helpful. I got what I was expecting and more. I cannot wait to meet you in person."

Crystal WIlliams

"The Skype Career Consultation was very helpful. After speaking with Wendy I have a realistic insight of the business. She also gave me plan which included saving money, getting as much training as possible from reputable teachers and schools, gain experience and how to build my resume' and so much more. Everything was put into perspective after my consultation with Wendy which I'm so grateful for."

Hiba Shamout

Vienna Austria

"After my Skype Career Counseling session with you Wendy I feel much better informed. Without the Skype consultation I probably be "lost" out there. You gave me a very well structured and realistic plan that makes a lot of sense to me and is very helpful. I love that my plan is specialized based on my needs, because everyone is different and has different goals regarding their career. I definitely recommend that actors should do a Skype Career Consultation with you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to talk to you and sharing all the valuable information and great advice. I am very excited and happy!"


"Thank you so much Wendy, for everything! Our Skype Career conversation left me shaking with so many emotions and I know I'll be forever grateful for our skype consultation. Talking to you definitely gave me a LOT of directions, ideas and also the confident to pursue my American Dream! Watching your videos helped, but talking to you definitely gave me a lot of perspective about the business and how to approach it. You made the business less scarier and more approachable! I love the fact that you are so personable and genuine in our conversation and I think all actors need that! All actors should definitely have a skype consultation because this will definitely set you in the right path. Seriously, thank you so much Wendy! Have a wonderful rest of the year. Love, Shen"

Kierra Strauss

"Congratulations on 8 year old KIERRA STRAUSS booking the role of Young Missy in the upcoming ROOTS miniseries remake with Larry Fishburne, Anna Paquin, Forest Whitaker, Jonathan Rhys Meyer. Had a terrific Skype Career Consultation last year with her mother Danielle. Way to go Kiera! (And mom:)" 

Elizabeth Abad

"Wendy, I am so thankful for the 52-week program so far. It has been great. I've gotten so many things cleared up and I feel I have a better handle on the logistic and business side now. I'm looking forward to the remainder of year. :-)"

China Grayer

"Wendy since starting the 52 -Week Program I've had an agent meeting, finished Judy Kain's class, had an audition for a commerical and a few voice over auditons! The online program is convenient and working for me right now due to my schedule. I find the videos and your feedback very helpful. Things are going pretty swell! "

Patrick J. Thomas

"Dear Wendy, You can't be for real! I am thrilled with your endless endeavor and drive to share your knowledge with actors around the world. Your e-book "How To Break Into Show Business; Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager" has already helped me tremendously to prepare for my move to LA from Stuttgart, Germany, I can't thank you enough. Like you say in the book, I definitely feel that you are a part of my team."

Melina Alves

"Wendy I'm not really sure how to properly thank you for all the time and effort you put into the lives of actors. I recently moved to LA to pursue a career in the industry. Unfortunately I didn't know who you were at the time (or else I would've saved myself a lot of heartache and money), but now that I have found you I keep you in my back pocket always (on my phone of course!). Your videos and your blog really helped me. I've managed to book 3 feature films on my own and am going out for ABC Family auditions often. And honestly it's because of you and your dedication. So THANK YOU! I'm putting a lot of time and energy into my career and I have a clear focus. Thanks to you! I share you with all my friends and students in my acting classes. There's so many people like me out there, who just didn't understand what to expect out of themselves and their representation. You're a Talent Manager who doesn't need to reach out to us and help us along the way as you do your clients...but you do. And for that, you're just so amazing. See you on the red carpet! "

Matt Williams

North Carolina

"I just finished the new e-book "How To Be A Star Right Where You Are" and thought it was, in a word, invaluable to new actors. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do for aspiring actors. I've been watching your videos since you first started making them (it doesn't seem like it was over a year ago!) and read your original "Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager" book. I've been diligently following your instruction and building my resume; I just bought a membership to your Winner's Circle. Again, thanks so much for what you do--you are a breath of fresh air in what I'm realizing can be a "stuffy" industry! I'm looking forward to working closer with you in the months/years to come!"

Jona Xiao

"Wendy I came across your videos last year on YouTube and thought "wow, that's so generous of you to be giving all these great, specific tips!" I love your energy, your analogies (ex. garden of relationships, I have a similar analogy) and that you do provide both sides of the opinion (ex. for CD workshops). Also, I think it's so important to stress mentality and you encouraging actors to see things as building blocks and long term success is right on. Overnight successes are often 10+ years in the making as you know. Looking forward to having our lunch!"

Brielle Hepburn

"Wendy I finished your amazing book. I am truly thankful. The information was priceless and totally opened my eyes to apply new strategies and to position myself to gain the most opportunities. I have been able to apply some of your writings immediately! Once again, I appreciate all you have done for me."

Diana Irizarry

"I loved your e-book "How To Break Into Show Business; Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager!!"" I am soooo happy you made this....honestly...I would've been winging it....and wasted so much money, time, and probably doing circles!! Your e-book gave me the confidence and tools I need to move forward in making my dream a reality. Thank You!!!!!! "

Zack Matthews

"Hi Wendy I've been watching your YouTube videos and they are AMAZING! Thank you for taking the time to really care about us beginners and give so much valuable information free of charge! just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, and once again thank you for your down to Earth charisma and assistance!"

Melody Balet

"Wendy I'd like to start by saying, thank you so much for everything you're doing, especially for actors just starting out like me. I'm sending you this email because I have no one else yet in the industry to guide me. I'm starting acting classes next week. I bought your book "How To Be A Star Right Where You Are" is amazing. I have been signed by a Talent & Modeling agency for Print. I am really excited about this as it's a good first step in the industry, it helps me build my resume and gives me more experience. Thanks for taking the time!"

Siani Lee

"Wendy, Thank you! You truly are a Gift from God. I sometimes get teary eyed because I know that I am going to make it now that I know what I have to do! Your e-Books and YouTube channel are the number 1 resource that I have ever came in contact with. I'm following your steps, its working out. I love you Ms. Wendy! I had an interview with Ms. Viola in Mount Holly New Jersey for VS Talent Group. If I didn't come across your methods I would have given up and thought I wasn't good enough!! Thanks again Angel"

Daniel Schwab

"I LOVE how you don't sugarcoat your messages. It's not often that someone who puts out this content tells it like it really is. Many times content creators will be helpful, but always spin things in a positive way for the sake of an uplifting message. This is all sunshine and fairy tales until the REALITY of the situation sets in and the aspiring actor gets hit in the face with it. I'm also fascinated by your '3-5 year plan' of life investment to begin establishing oneself. Instant gratification doesn't fit into the goals of any aspiring performer. Thanks for the reminder!"

Shani Williams

"Wendy I am so thankful for you. I followed your methods and I have 2 interviews with the top talent agencies in Pennsylvania."

 Laurie Morella 

Owner of Talent Training in LA

"Wendy I absolutely love everything YOU do and what YOU are all about."

Nathan Theis

"Wendy I just wanted thank you the e-book is really good. Now I'm confident on how I have to pursue my career thanks to all information you provided."

Wayne Sweat

"Thank you Wendy! I was searching everywhere that I could think of to find answers, then I found you. I've learned sooo much about the business. You speak a language that I understand. No BS, here's how it is. Thank you for taking your valuable time to help us out. You are like the encyclopedia Britannica for actors."

Gloria Bennett 


"Wendy, You are a rare breed full of life and love and learning and are a born doer and leader. Continue to do the fantastic work that you are doing!"

Denise Arthur

"Wendy your amazing and your passion for your work is so inspiring! I just found you and I love your videos! THANK YOU for being current and consistent!"

Andy Aquino

"Hey Wendy, Thanks so much for your e-book. It's just the kick in the pants I needed to get my career going in the right direction. You're awesome!"

Robin Nassif

Talent Agent

"Wendy! I Can't tell you how many people I refer to your books. The information in them is so helpful."

Robin heads up the Youth Division at Media Artists Group. She has 4 actors testing for series presently, and 5 actors as regulars or recurring on series. Robin is former head of Comedy Casting at ABC and supervised over 150 pilots including Roseanne, Home Improvement, Boy Meets World, and Drew Carey. She set up many showcases for ABC executives to introduce them to the talent of Kevin James, Tim Allen, Ellen DeGeneres, Jon Stewart, Will Ferrell, Rosie O' Donnell, and Adam Sandler, among others. Robin now hMany others are booking roles in SAG features, The Lost Medallion being the most recent.  

Jeffry Mora

"Wendy! I wanted to thank you for the great support you give to the starting actors out there, this can be a very puzzling career at first and oh man is there people out there to take advantage of that. I bought your book HOW TO BE A STAR RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE and it is really a plethora of knowledge as soon as you click on it. I wish I would have had it when I first started off. I guess what I want to say is YOU ARE AN AWESOME HUMAN BEING and your contribution is invaluable. Thanks for everything! Cheers!"

MD Violette

"Hey Wendy! I bought & read your much wonderful information. I currently work in a "non-LA" Market (New England). Many things in your book have ideas that apply universally to any market & preps those considering moving to LA. Kudos!"

Sage Balcom 


"Wendy I am following your direction 100%. It helps more than anything I've ever come across and I don't think I'll ever be able to show my full gratitude. I just landed a leading role in a short film for team that will be participating in a large film festival in my area! AND... I got cast as the lead in a short film called "Fed Up!" I have such high hopes for my future all because of you! You're the best Wendy."

Lisa Drury

"Wendy, on a bad day you are just the motivation I need. Thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much. Your like a little actor's angel."



"Wendy I'm Stella age 14 from Bulgaria. You've helped me a lot so THANK YOU! Once I told my mum: ''One day I want to live in LA and be a famous actress." She told me that it's just a dream and it's not going to happen. But I believe in myself and I'll never give up because for me this is not just a job, it's my life and I believe that I'll reach my dreams. Thanks to you I've started to take acting classes. You're the best!
Update: Wendy I've got great news. I am going to the International Film Festival of Sofia! Without you I wouldn't have started my acting career right where I am. You're amazing and you help to so many young people. Thank you, again!"

Heather Lange

"It's beautiful to see how God is working through you to help so many of us. You utilize tons of your personal time, effort, and genuine love for your audience to freely share your gifts and talents for our benefit. You have put together more valuable advice and encouragement than I have ever received in watching any other videos on youtube. If I didn't live so far away, I would give you a big hug. We love you Wendy!"

Sabrina A. Cuffie

"Hi Wendy, I can honestly say that contacting you has been one of three best decisions I have ever made in my life! The other two was deciding to become an actress, and buying your ebook! "How to Be a Star Right Where You Are" is an amazing book that is packed with information that every aspiring actor/atress should know. My favorite tip was the "Rolodex". EVERYONE should create one of those, and I am well on my way to beginning my own. (Hopefully I can add you to mine Wendy!) I am also relieved in the knowledge that I can start my acting career in my hometown of Boston instead of LA or New York. Wendy, you have been a complete inspiration and if I ever make it big, my first nod of appreciation will go out to you."

Genesis Feliz 


"Wendy I love love your videos on YouTube! They're by FAR the most educational videos about acting on the web that I've ever watched. You're such an inspiration thanks for sharing it with us aspiring actors. I wished I lived in LA so I could meet you!"

Danny Kaplan

"Wendy I read your e-book a couple of weeks ago. It really just showed me what I needed to know instead of just filling it with meaningless fluff... So great job on the book and keep posting please. Love your videos."

Cioni Valentine

"Hello Ms. Wendy thank you for this advice and insight into the acting world and Hollywood I really appreciate it I am an aspiring actor so the more information I can learn about the business and how to approach it is so helpful. I will be forever grateful for you, thank you."

Maria Magdalini 


"Dear Wendy Alane Wright, I should like to thank you for all of these wonderful videos that give us all the courage and confidence one needs to believe in one's self and to fight for it. Thank you for sharing all the useful instructors and advice.You inspired me and gave me strength to fight even more. I wish all this positive energy you are sharing comes back to you twice!"


"Thanks so much Wendy. I'm a model who has been in and out of acting and I'm now REALLY starting to focus my energy on this industry like I've always wanted. I'm glad to hear there is more room to be proactive independently instead of relying on your agent, but I had no idea where to start with "getting out there." Thanks so much for the tips!"

Venissa Timbreza

"Wendy I love your clear advice. Thank you for making the journey a little clearer everyday! I love watching your you tube channel. You have a wonderful way of speaking to us like real people. Such a lost art! Thank you and keep those videos coming!"

Steph Van Vlack

"You were pointed out by a friend of mine who is an Agent. And I am so thankful he did. Succinct and to the point and the information is the honest truth"

Scotty Pawela

"Wendy (Thank you for re-doing my resume.) Your resume suggestions are so helpful! My resume now represents the work I have done in more a clear and professional manner. I had no idea film should be at the top rather than theatre and I had never had that pointed out. It definitely looks more professional and easier to read. Thank you, again!!"

"Wendy I am subscribed to your YouTube account and always enjoy watching your channel. Great advice!!! I'd also like to thank you for taking your time out of your busy schedule to make the videos, you certainly didn't have to but you did it for us actors and we greatly appreciate it."

Hannah Owens 


"Hi Wendy, my name is Hannah, and I would just like to personally thank you for all the resources you've put out. Your videos on YouTube are absolutely wonderful and they help sort out all of the craziness. With each video I watch, I find myself more and more confident and determined, so thank you so much for that. I'm just a sophomore in high school, going to be a junior, and I'm just trying to get a head start before I go off to college. Seemingly like all other teens my age I've always dreamed about being an actress. I finally got tired of being the type of person who waits for miracles, like in your video, and changed my perspective and I'm so determined to achieve my goals. You are helping me tremendously throughout this journey. Thank you very much."

Alexandra Leigh Mesmer

"Wendy I finished your e-book and it really opened my eyes. I mean, I know that I had a lot to do, but your e-book made it so much more organized. I know what needs to be done, and how much work I have ahead of me, but I'm really excited for it. Also, I just wanted to thank you for how candid you were with me during our first correspondence. I am getting professional headshots done within the month, cover letter at the ready, and an overall hunger to get started. Thank you again."

Amanda Egan

"Thank you Wendy, for all the incredible resources you have given to aspiring actors like myself. I have purchased both of your books. I will be keeping the e-Books for future reference! Thank you again for your dedication to helping people achieve their dreams."

Ryan Harris 

Nashville, Tennessee

"Wendy, First I would like to say that you're awesome and I absolutely love your videos on youtube! They are extremely helpful and have already given me much insight. You seem like a genuine person that truly wants to help others. Your e-Book “How To Be A Star Right Where You Are” absolutely gave me more confidence. I truly don't feel like I need to make a huge move to LA or somewhere else to begin my career in acting. I didn't know where to start with pursuing acting, but after reading your book, I have a more mapped out plan of what I need to do. I didn't realize how important theater and student film work is and that doing tons of extra work won't land that big role. I love the emphasis that you put on making connections with everyone that you meet. I'm excited about pursuing this! Your book will literally be my guide while gaining experience! Thanks so much! "

Anna Doma 


"Wendy I absolutely love your book "How To Be A Star Right Where You Are"! So much excellent information that is certainly going to help me move forward with my acting career. I just found your videos on YouTube too and I absolutely love them. Thank you so much for helping us, actors be the best we can be."

Victoria Flores

"Wendy, I read your whole e-Book "How To Be A Star Right Where You Are" last night and this morning. It is a fantastic resource. So helpful. I was going through a period of doubt and felt discouraged, but reading your book gave me encouragement. I feel I am on the right path to achieving my goals and dreams. I also want to thank you a million for posting such wonderful and informative videos. They have guided me a lot. Tomorrow, I have a meeting with an agent at Page Parkes. This is my first audition ever. I'm anxious and excited all at the same time! Thank you a million. "

Nia Clark

"Hi Wendy. Thank You! I have learned a lot so far from your e-book and your you tube videos. I have learned that an actors success is about marketing; your look, marketing by your attitude, and marketing by ALL of your materials. And that what really sets the successful actors apart from the non successful ones, is the consistency and quality of all those categories and more. I just got called back for a student film, and I'm really following your steps!
Thank you for being there to support!"

Tiffany Jacks

"Wendy thanks for making your You Tube videos for people out there that don't think there dreams can come true. Knowing that there's a real person out there that truly does care is great. You are making people's dreams come true by the tools you are giving them. I myself was about to give up on my dreams until I came across you. So thank you for really caring and giving great advice 2 beginners. "

Pamela Ricardo

"Wendy you are awesome! Your information is so helpful and I love your positive, yet realistic view on topics that plague actors every day. Thank you for being so helpful!"

Kea Bird

"Wendy your book offered a wealth of information and my list would be endless about the things I liked. I took copious notes. I now have a plan of how I can use my local resources to begin acting again. I didn't realize how easy it is to become involved in local theaters. I learned it is important to create and maintain strong relationships with the people I work with and my success depends on my ability to network. I liked the tips you gave about auditions and callbacks. Thank you."

Christina Frank

"Wendy! I hope I am fortunate enough to work closely with you one day. I truly want you to know how much I admire all of your love and generosity you are sharing. Your amazing! You are such a special woman with great honest energy, and that had drawn me to you. I have been following all your steps.The world need more people like you! I have been searching for a mentor and I am so glad I found you on actors access. You are truly a discovered GEM in my walk of life. You have such a passionate authentic soul. I am looking forward to being apart of your winners circle soon, to work and getting to know each other better.You are the truth lady! My Best to you Wendy. Much love! "


"Hi Wendy! My name is Carolina. I'm 15 years old and live in a small country called Portugal. I love acting, I love the stage and the cameras! I have been watching your videos and I have to say thank you! "

Jernell Smith

"Wendy I loveeeee your videos and can truly feel the care and love that you have for actors. You're such a great resource.."

Michelle McDannel

"Hi Wendy, I discovered you on YouTube recently. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how wonderful, extremely insightful and helpful you are. You have certainly enlightened me SO MUCH and I couldn't be more appreciative, I just wanted to express my gratitude to you. I've read numerous things and watched countless videos about casting, acting, etc. and nothing cuts to the chase or heart of the matter like you do. You are a genuine good soul and a beautiful person inside & out who lights up the way for others especially in such a cutthroat industry like Hollywood. I am extremely grateful to you and you have honestly inspired me. Many thanks for all of your videos/time/effort and tremendously valuable information- it's undeniable it comes from a place of honorable positivity and love, which is such a rare thing these days. You are a one of a kind, such a positive blessing to so many countless people out there I am sure! I am so inspired! May God and the universe always shower you with infinite happiness and blessings!"

 Karla Iraheta 


"Wendy you're the only manager I've seen who's willing to spread the secrets about success in Hollywood and it is obvious that you care not only about your clients, but about all those talented dreamer actors out there, inspiring them to go for it! 
UPDATE: I am moving to LA! You dont know how much your videos, you e-book & you yourself helped me out to take this decision. Knowing that I can contact you for advise makes me feel, I dont know, safer. Once again I appreciate all your help to the moon and back!!


Sean Wessels 

Durban, South Africa

"Dear Wendy after spending the last two years trying to get answers to the many questions I had and trying to seek advice from the top players in the industry here in South Africa, I found myself walking down a dark tunnel utterly clueless on how to “escape.” By some miracle, I had seen a link to one of your videos a week back and haven’t stopped watching them since. The once dark tunnel is now full of light with a map on how to make it out. Kind Regards (or as we say in Africa, Hamba Kahle)"

Tania Zee

Director, Writer, Actress

"The book Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager; How To Break Into Show Business is the most practical guide I've seen on becoming an actor. It is literally everything an actor needs to know - all in one spot. You are saving actors PAIN!"

Robin Davis 


"Wendy I just discovered you today and just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying your videos. I so appreciate you honesty and frank communication. You truly are a blessing to a novice trying to figure out this whole thing for three children. You truly take the fear out of the most of the process. You give so freely, which is rare today…you are a breath of fresh air!"

Claire Protas 


"Hi Wendy, I am a high school student and an independent singer-songwriter and aspiring actress living in Sydney Australia. You have encouraged and inspired me to push harder and further to achieving my dreams. You have provided me with such crucial knowledge that I would not have known otherwise. I recorded a three track EPM and now my first single is playing on the radio! I have also been invited by the radio station to do an acoustic performance and be interviewed in a few weeks. I thank you so much for helping to get at where I am today. I used to think that being my age (17), still being in school and living in Australia was a real set back. However, you have provided me with the guidance to face these disadvantages and use when to my advantage.You have given me so much knowledge, taught me to believe in myself and have been a big inspiration to me. I thank you so so much. Wishing you all of the best."

Bea Urzaiz 

Madrid Spain

"Wendy I just read one of your books. Congratulations, I loved it!!!!! Also, I just joined your "Winners Circle" I must say that I'm really happy to have found you. I'm a Spanish 39 year old actress and I've been acting all my life as long as I can remember. You are a true Marvel, Wendy! Keep on doing your great job!!!!!!!! All the best."

Katie Boaen

"Wendy I am truly grateful that I found you to mentor me through all of the training I need. Thank you for your love and support through your books and videos. It really means a lot that you take time out of your busy schedule to help struggling actors and brand new actors through this process. I sure would love to meet you one day! Sending love to you from Georgia!"

Xander Rain

"Wendy, Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! I followed your advice from your Youtube videos and just booked a meeting with Q Management here in LA. You're videos are awesome, can't wait to see what you post next."

Camille Symonds 


"Wendy, I would like to say a big thank you to you. I purchased your book "How To Be A Star Right Where You Are." I have watched probably all of your YouTube videos which are great and really helpful. With use of your tips I have just done my FIRST SHORT FILM and just SIGNED WITH AN AGENT!"

Sharyn Rose

"Wendy Thank you so much for the ebook HOW TO BREAK YOUR KIDS INTO SHOW BUSINESS. I read through the book. You cite so much good information that has given me guidance particularly with my daughter. She has a commercial and theatrical agent but wants to get do more film and TV. Thank to your book I now have a good blueprint to follow to build her brand/business. Thank you again!!"

Dina Chihab

"Wendy, I bought your awesome book "How To Break Into Show Business." I've read it twice! And I thought I'd let you know that it is the best guide EVER!!"

Matthew Antar


"Wendy, Thank you again for the Skype Career consult today -- I took vigorous notes and will be making lots of changes to my marketing presence.  After our conversation I feel revitalized, recharged, and you gave me a real sense of direction for the future. Thank you!"

Phyllis Spielman

"Thank you Wendy Alane Wright for being an actors book of knowledge and inspiration!! I followed your steps in your e-books, took in all your advice, and just booked a role in my first feature. Plus I landed a lead in a Sci-Fi pilot with a contract to also do three episodes! Marketing myself is the biggest key and like you said, we are our business!!! Also taking classes to keep on learning!! You are an inspiration!!!"

Savannah Merrit

"Wendy I finished your book HOW TO BE A STAR RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! Wow! It's so much great information! I knew I needed to get busy, but it's great to have a more CLEAR idea of the things that I need to be doing! I just had a meeting with J.D. Lewis who runs The Actors' Lab in Charlotte NC. I am going to be taking a beginners cold reading and scene study class there that starts in two weeks! I wouldn't have had that great meeting if it weren't for your inspiration! I'm halfway through your other book BREAKING ONTO SHOW BUSINESS and it's great! Thank you so much for writing both of these books! Thank You for taking the time to help me!"

Jessica Lee

"Dear Wendy I just wanted to say thank you so much! I've watched all your videos and just recently bought one of your books, they have built my confidence to the point that I finally got the guts to audition for Footloose the musical! (at my local theater) and landed a role! I am so thrilled, your advice makes such a difference, it's amazing, you're the best!"

Patricia Arvanis

"Hi Wendy! I've been following your videos for a while now, and just wanted to thank you for some recent advice you gave me. I live in Iowa, and have been self taping auditions religiously for the past couple of months. AFTER WATCHING YOUR VIDEO telling me to practice before an actual audition - WOW did my acting need work.
I have been contacted for, and taped 3 real auditions this week, and GOT CAST IN TWO OF THEM! I fly to New York in March. I can't thank you enough Wendy. You're the reason I was able to pull it off. Keep up the good work, and the good advice."

Feldstein Hilaire

"Hi Wendy, I'm an actor here in South Florida who've spent majority of the time in L.A. I've read your blog plenty of times. I wanted to thank you for the incredible advice that you've shared with me, and so many actors. Again, thank you for the mass amount of valuable information and I'll surely to keep reading more of your blogs and advice."

Julian Feria 

London England

"Hi Wendy, We have never met but I feel like I know you as I have watched your YouTube videos over and over. I just wanted to thank you as I watched your tips on auditions and certain 'cogs fell into place' as I listened to you. I went to my audition the next day and felt great, natural, the feedback I got from it was amazing. I just really wanted to send to a message to show you that your effort and time you take to help others really is appreciated. I'm just starting out as an actor so I find your advice invaluable!!! Thanks again Wendy you truly are inspirational!! Best wishes!"

Marie Tagbo

"Hey Wendy Alane!!! I'm so so so so excited to tell you!! I got my first lead in a Feature Film!!!!!! The film is called "Camp Tough Love" and the director is Dan Parks. It's being filmed in Indiana. It films in May! For my video audition I was coached by Gloria Garayua on Skype based on your YouTube interview. Thank you so so much I'm so excited!!! It's my second movie and this time I'm a lead!! AHHHHHHH. Thank you so much!!."

Bernadette De Leon

"Wendy I have been following your YouTube channel for several months now, and I was so excited when you announced that you were going to have a "Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager" eBook! I purchased it, read it, and I am very happy because I finally have great knowledge going towards the right direction as an aspiring actress after questioning for so long! Thank you for creating your eBook!!!"

Kyle Robinson

"Hi wendy!! Ok, so honestly never been so motivated to go to work and save up my money! You should do motivational speaking lol!!! Seriously I been watching your videos back to back and reading your book. Which is amazing, Because of your help, you truly laid out the foundation for my career. Even with the knowledge you provided me, I was able to give my mom comfort in the idea that I wanted to be an actor. Which she didn't support but now she does because she says I sound like I know what I'm talking about. (Compliment to you) It's all because of the hard work I put in from the hard work you've been putting in. Don't ever change your beautiful, I love you."

Aaron Brown


" Wendy I am a college student & actor based in NY. I just had to thank you for posting the most relevant, informative and inspirational acting videos on the web. Your self tape video especially helped me out so much because I had to send in a tape for an audition and guess what! I booked the lead role in a student film for the New York Film Academy! I also have meetings with two different agents in the next two weeks which I am really excited about. Wendy thank you so much for all of your incomparable guidance.."

Parent Kenna Saadeh

"Hello Wendy,
What can I say, WAW Entertainment, should be officially re-named to WOW Entertainment! Your advice, sense of humor, and honesty was a complete homerun for me as a parent of a child actor who is simply trying to navigate the waters and learn more about the acting world as we continue our journey.
As I mentioned to you, I am a big fan, (also can read as "stalker" ) of every bit of information that I can siphon off of your website, and FaceBook page. I am thrilled that I signed up for your One on One Skype session. I was looking for guidance in 2 general areas. First, I wanted to improve my daughter Quincy's resume and on-line presence by making sure we are highlighting the correct things, and removing the not-so great things; second, I really needed a push in the right direction to validate my gut feelings, learn to trust those gut feelings, and make changes in our course of direction that will best serve Quincy in the short term and long term. Guess what, we did do all of that, and I left with vastly more information.
Wendy, our conversation was a real eye -opener! You confirmed many things that I was having the bad juju feelings about, and you defined the steps to start making those corrections, and move forward. When I hung up the phone, I felt like SUPERWOMAN! Let's get this train back on the rails and moving on down the track! (whoo hoo..insert train noise here).
I urge all parents of kid actors, to set up an appointment to talk with you. The wealth of information that you share is priceless. I now have a step by step map that we can follow. You have a positive and logical method of providing feedback and information in a way that I could understand, and then put right to use. I can't speak highly enough of my time spent with you. But don't take my word for it, take Quincy's 12 year old word for it, "This is the best thing my mom has ever done." There you have it, out of the mouth of a tween.
Thanks again, Wendy, your forever fan,

Hans Icaza

"Hi Wendy I'm 20 years old and I'm from Queens, NY. I've been struggling the past two years in college because I could not seem to figure out what I wanted to do. Recently I've come across your YouTube channel and I'm addicted to seeing your videos. I never knew where to start to become and actor or what hard work goes into it. It clearly takes time. I just wanted to say thank you because of you I've decided to finish my two years of college in broadcast and while I do that get into acting classes, get into theater and find people along the way that need an actor for a student film projects. This way I can get myself started and save up to get headshots after a while and pursue my true dream in television and movies. You gave me that extra push with your advice and telling all actors to follow their dream and never give up. Again, I just wanted to say thank you and that your work doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you for the great advice!! ."

Gerson Cruz

"Hey Wendy! Your book is amazing. I thought the advice from other websites were good, but yours is just Gold! I've been applying your tactics to my career and I've been getting so many opportunities. You have boosted my confidence so much. I got big roles in two TV shows, one of them on the CW. I just want to thank you for being truthful with your audience and because of that, many hard working actors might get their chance on the big screen. As for me, this is just the beginning of my journey and I want to keep you inform of my opportunities coming my way. It's only fair since I'm feeding off your great advice! Once again Thank you and God Bless!" 

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.19.23 PM.png

Jan Haley Soule

"Wendy Everything about your Hollywood Winners Circle has been beneficial. I absolutely recommend the Winners Circle program to other actors. Wendy you cut to the core. No BS. Very straightforward and you are filled with modern information. So many books are outdated. You are current and on the ball. I was basically re-starting my career (been acting since 1984.) I'm now signed with First Class Talent in Los Angeles for commercial/theatrical and D2 for modeling. I have 3 VO agents across the nation. Been super busy with modeling and VO and taking CD workshops - getting called in by CDs Tim Payne and Scott David.


My film "Emma" has been accepted to Cannes, my film "Cancer Pimp," won Best Cutting Edge Film at the San Diego Black Film Festival and was accepted into the Pan African Film Festival I absolutely recommend the Hollywood Winners Circle program to other actors.


The Hollywood Winners Circle helps the new and seasoned actors set clear goals. I'll keep you posted on my career. I promise Thank You!!" - Jan Haley Soule

Cat Griffin

"Wendy Squeal! I am so excited and want to share my good news with you before anyone else! I just booked a short film! Yeah!...Yay! Yay! & Yay! So, this is my first, first--did I say my FIRST EVER film role!!! So very much of this is due to you, so thankyou!!!! A lot has happened since I sought you out at the beginning of the year. Appreciate all you do for so many! UPDATE 2 Weeks later- Wendy I just got off the phone with the director of a feature film I auditioned for a few days ago. He offered me the role--AND he's accommodating MY schedule because I'm shooting a short film during the same two day period and the shoot dates overlap!!! Can you believe it?! Two films in a row! The director said I did a "fantastic" job during my audition. So, that's a feature film and a short film to check off our 'to do' list of the master plan from our SKYPE CAREER CONSULTATION. Ha!" 

Daniel Monaco

"Dear Wendy, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary kindness, warmth, and generosity. To finally meet you in person at your WINNERS CIRCLE WORKSHOP was such an honor and privilege. Also, your industry guests were amazing! Such a wealth of knowledge and expertise in one workshop! You give so much to people all over the world who you don't even represent, and I can honestly say your mentorship has been invaluable in my career and life!"

Mom Jennifer and Xochitl

Los Angeles

"This is for anyone "on the fence" about scheduling a meeting with Wendy…. DO IT NOW!!!  Its worth every single penny and then some!  Let me assure you that Wendy has solid advice no matter where you are on your journey in the world of acting.  We are not total "newbies" but nonetheless had hit some bumps and needed sound advice and clear direction.  Wendy provided all that and more.  Your session will clear your doubts as Wendy will tell it like it is and give you a solid game plan with tasks to execute and habits to develop that will renew your mission and fill you with positivity.  This is a fantastic way to get management advice prior to being in a place where you need a manager full time.  We will be back for more guidance as things develop. Wendy, thanks for providing this service.  You are a gem!"

Parent, Jill Lillenstein

"Hi Wendy,


I wanted to quickly update you on My daughters progress. She and and I both have read your Kindle book "How to Break Your Kids Into Show Business" and feel much more educated on the whole process! You'll see that many of your recommendations in the book have been implemented below...)


Accomplished over the past 7 weeks...

* On-Camera Intensive with three new reel clips:

Dramatic Scene Study | Dramatic Scene Study #2 | Monologue


* Coogan Account - set up!


* Entertainment Work Permit - all paperwork filed 


* LA Casting Profile - check!


* Actors Access Profile - check!


* Backstage Profile - check!


* Website Established - check! - 


* Pro Headshots - appointment set with Alex Kruk for photos and makeup on 9/3/16 (2 looks - commercial and "tomboy tough but tender" is what we're thinking.


* Clips from prior performances uploaded to YouTube channel - check!"

Pamela Wallace

"Hello Wendy,

Thank you so much for helping me with my daughter, Destiny. You took your time and answered all my questions and gave me some insight on what to be expecting. Your books are fantastic, and really spells out EVERYTHING. Together we came up with a great plan to ensure Destiny succeeds in her career. I have already recommended you to others. I look forward to sharing all her accomplishments. Thanks again."

Parent Kenna Saadeh

"Hello Wendy,
What can I say, WAW Entertainment, should be officially re-named to WOW Entertainment! Your advice, sense of humor, and honesty was a complete homerun for me as a parent of a child actor who is simply trying to navigate the waters and learn more about the acting world as we continue our journey.
As I men