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What I teach actors to do in the Master Course for Actors works IF they do the work I give them. I have so many of my students becoming Series Regulars, starring in TV and Feature Films, booking Co-Stars and Guest Stars on Network TV. They are signing with Commercial Agents and Theatrical Agents. One was in an Oscar nominated film this year and another produced an Emmy Award Winning Film.


You can dream and talk about being an actor all you want to...OR you can really do it.


I make it a reality. Having me as a Mentor and sharing my methods with you are the best shortcut and most specific plan for success you will ever find.


Are you ready to Win?


Take my Hollywood Winners Circle Master Course. Take $400 off. Email me for a special discounted price of $349. Normally ($749)


Covid has been rough on everyone this year and I want to make sure the Master Class is more affordable for you.



(If you don't follow these instructions you won't get the discount.)


INSTRUCTIONS: To receive the $400 discount email me a video of WHY you want to take the course.


STEP ONE: Send your video by You Tube or Vimeo link to:  Wendyalane1@yahoo.com

STEP TWO: I will review the video and evaluate how serious you are about becoming an actor and doing the hard work it takes in the course. 


STEP THREE: If I believe you will do the course work and take my direction I will contact you.