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PRACTICE. MEMORIZE. SELF TAPE. WATCH BACK. DO THEM ALL! Don't Wait until you have an audition. Get great at this skill now so you are READYwhen youhave an audition.


Want to see the cut under my Band-Aid bandage? Mommy says to keep it covered so it will heal. Hey! Where did it go? It really was right here!


I went to Sea World yesterday. I saw SO many fish, BIG fish, little fish, jumping fish…I even saw one guy ride on a whale’s back! Now I know, when I grow up, I want to work at Sea World!


I just got the best Christmas present ever! My family is going to Disney! I LOVE Disney! They have the BEST rides and the coolest shows. We went last year and my favorite was the haunted mansion. My little brother didn’t like that one. So, put the best Christmas present on your list next year. A trip to Disney!


Give me a break! I have school all day and dance class at night. That’s why when I need a break, I break of a piece of a Kit Kat bar. Kit Kat gives me energy to earn A’s all day and then dance the night away! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!


My dad gives me the biggest problem about shopping at Abercrombie kids. He doesn’t understand why I would want to buy jeans with holes in them. He says that the clothes look like they have been worn before. He just doesn’t realize that is what makes them cool. Abercrombie kids. For the cool kid in all of us.


Remember me? I’m the kid that had a report due on space. Then I discovered Google! It’s like having your own research library right at your finger tips. So the next time you want an “A” instead of a “B”, use Google…you’ll be glad you did.


I live for speed. I love going fast and pushing the boundaries. Now I have my speed fix with the Rocket Dirt Bike. This dirt bike goes faster than any other dirt bike I’ve ever had. It cuts corners in an instant and never slows down. Rocket Dirt Bikes, just try and keep up.


Chicken noodle soup is always the cure when I get a cold. My mom went through this stage where she was testing me with different kinds of soup. With veggies, bigger chunks, swirl noodles, even noodles that spelled my name. It was chaos and I couldn’t keep up. Campbells soup has always been the soup of my choice. Yes. Campbells soup is simple goodness.


My parents have grounded me for one month! So I created a whole new way of communication with my best friend. I send messages and notes on my Sky Invader Radio Helicopter. With my remote controlled helicopter, I can send things back and forth without my parents knowing. I think someday I’m gonna be a spy.


Introducing the Samsung French Door Refrigerator. It is our biggest refrigerator having 32 cubic feet to fit all of your life needs. No need to stack food and risk everything falling out when you go to the Fridge. Finally Samsung has a refrigerator that fits even the biggest family. Or the small family that likes to plan ahead and take fewer trips to the Grocery Store. So add French doors to your kitchen. By Samsung.


I know there is a lot of fun to be had your senior year. But it is also a time of decision- making. I mean before you know it, I am going to be packing for college. That’s why I tuned to www. It’s the  College Foundation of North Carolina. This site is filled with scholarship information as well as college directories and programs. Look, you can’t depend on your parents for everything, so take the initiative and check out the possibilities of your future with


My brother was having absolutely no luck in love. I was wondering if he was just a loser, or was he just not trying hard enough. So I sat down with him and got him to register for E-Harmony. E-Harmony has the most success of matching couples that many times end up getting married. Within 2 months he had gone on several dates and found the girl for him. E-Harmony matched them so perfectly. Their likes, dislikes, beliefs and even hobbies. So now I created my own profile. After all, we all deserve a harmonious life.


Make your way into a Pier One Imports. There is such an eclectic collection of home goods that will appeal to any taste. What speaks to you. When you walk through a Pier one you will see what is calling to you. Find your inner designer with pictures, furniture, accessories and glassware. You can change the entire look of a room in one visit to Pier ONE. Pier One, what speaks to you.

ORBITZ COMMERCIAL That is the only website that you need to know for all of your travel needs. You can check competitive prices from several companies for hotels, flights and retail cars. Why stress yourself out by searching the internet for hours for the best price. Orbitz does all of the work for you. So with just one click, you can see all prices on one screen. I have gone all over the world with Orbitz.


Jergins natural glow lotion has changed my life. I no longer have to go out with my dry white skin. Even if I have not had any time to get in the sun, I can wear a tank top, shorts or a short skirt. Jergins natural glow not only moisturizes your skin, it give you an even, beautiful color. You can actually fix 2 problems at once. So glow naturally with Jergins.


Having so many insurance policies with so many different carriers gets so confusing and I never really know if I am paying the best prices. So I bundles all of my insurance needs with Nationwide insurance. With Nationwide you can go to one company for everything. And if you do go to Nationwide for everything you can save up to 25%. Nationwide is on your side.


I have 2 sides to my personality. One side likes to be practical, save money and do the right thing. The other side likes to be spoiled, enjoy luxury and have uninhibited fun. So when I thought about buying a new car. I had no idea what car would appeal to every part of my personality. Until I stepped into the Toyota showroom. Toyota fits into my sensible budget, but gives me the luxury and fun that I deserve. Toyota satisfies the multiple personality in all of us.


With all the new communications technology, it seems like we’re all connected. Especially our kids who have grown up with it. But for some who have grown up on the other side of the digital divide, this new technology can leave us feeling…disconnected. But now there’s a whole new way to connect. Facebook! Facebook helps your family and friends get and stay connected. Share photos, news and events. Giving a new face to technology, Faceook.

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What?! No! Stevie is the one who came down here to break you guys up!

He tied me to a chair, locked my friends in her locker, then replaced the candles on your cake with fireworks.

He is just trying to make me look bad!

You believe him?

I can’t believe you are going to

believe him over me. I am not a liar.

You know what? I’m sorry but I just don’t think I can be friends with someone who would believe a brat like that.

Someday you will see that I was telling the truth and you will no longer be welcome.

And I plan on keeping this jacket.


Give it up, Kyle! You can’t win. I programmed him with every

Martial arts move known to man.

My androids are going to knock your inferior bionic creations off the map.

In fact my new fleet of androids are already the strongest pieces

of machinery on the planet. I designed them to blend inwith the rest of the population. And when I give them

the most advanced brain power known to civilization they’ll be no stopping them.

I’m sorry but your sad little bionic family is no competition.

It looks like your technology could use a little more work.


So when my ex dumped me, it made me a bitter person,

Wait, did I say bitter? I meant better!

And I felt so angry when Tommy Creegan didn’t show up

for the Homecoming Dance. Why do we like boys again?

I have to say I‘m having a really good time. Lets forget about boys. Lets focus on what's really important here. College! Our dream of going to SFU together. We need to find something to do this summer that's schools would find really impressive. The big question is what? Well wherever we go they have to have wi-fi, Satellite cable and a 24-hour snackbar.



We were hanging out at our favorite comic book shop

and I wanted to see how far back I could bend my finger.

Turns out the answer was “far enough back to severely dislocate it.”

For my next trick…

Help… can someone get me to a doctor?


I insure my industry sources are always anonymous when they WANT to be so they can say whatever they want. That way you always get the unflitered truth in all my Industry Interviews. Keep checking this page every month for new insider interviews. -Wendy

Interview with a top LA Manager



This highly respected top manager was kind enough a take a moment out of her busy day to answer my questions for you! Since 2005 she has represented actors, singers and dancers, young talent and adults in the entertainment industry. They are one of the leading management companies representing young talent in the industry today.


Q.  How often do you take on actors over age 25 that have no TV credits? 

A. Seldom but I do – one of the best parts of this gig is discovering unknown talent and helping them reach their dreams!!!


Q What would the deciding factor be if you were going to take on actors over age 25 that have no TV credits? 

A.  That feeling in the pit of my stomach that I am looking at a star.


Q.  Is it hard to get CDs to see actors that don't have TV credits? 

A.  Sometimes – younger is easier – the older they get the harder it is.


Q.  How much do Demo Reels help in getting a client an audition with Cd's? 

A.  I think 100%%%


Q.  How much does money factor in to why you let a client go? 

A.  Zero - only in the way that I don’t want to hold them back because if I am not a perfect match for them I should let them go and find someone who is.  If I signed them I loved them.


Q. How long does it usually take for an actor to get their first co-star TV credit after you sign them? 

A.  Impossible estimation. Ask fate.


Q.  What advice do you have for actors over age 25 with no TV credits? 

A.  Nothing is impossible, work hard, keep dreaming.


Q.  Have you ever seen an actor come into the business after age 25 with no TV credits and land a pilot or series regular role? How often does this happen? 

A.  I mainly work with kids and just added adults so we are new to that genre but I expect it to happen any day!


Q.  Do casting directors prefer to audition actors who have series regular, guest star and co-star credits for Pilots? 

A.  I would imagine – but I also like to think they want to discover the unknown gems.


Q.  What do you like best about being a Talent Manager? 

A.  Helping people’s dreams come true.




Salt Talent in Los Angeles represents several of my clients. I know how busy

they are so I am especially grateful to Amy for taking time out of her hectic schedule to help

me educate actors like you! So let's get started with the Q & A!



Wendy: What’s the most fulfilling part about what you do?


Amy Lord: I absolutely love when a hard working client gets the opportunity to go into an

audition and let’s me know they knocked it “out of the park”. A prepared actor who is working

his/her craft and has a great audition is a win win for all. 



Wendy: Do you have auditioning advice?


Amy Lord: Prepare, prepare, prepare. I can’t say enough about an actor doing their homework and having a firm handle on who their character is. The actor should have their backstory in place, and actually know the ins and outs their character ie: relationships, outcome, where you are, where you are going, etc. 



Wendy: How important are connections you make in the business and why?


Amy Lord: Relationships are key. I still keep in touch with actors and casting people that I knew as a “youngin’”. It takes a quick minute to drop an email to a director that you worked with or a casting director who knows you by name. Let them know what you’ve been up to and how you are keeping up with your training, a show you’re in, etc.  You never know, the student film director of yesterday might be the next Spielberg.



Wendy: What is the best way for actors to prove to you they are worth repping?


Amy Lord: I love a hard working, realistic actor. An actor who sits at home waiting for the phone to ring isn’t going to get attention. An actor who is actively pursuing his career, working on his skills, showcasing his talent is an actor that I enjoy meeting. The agent, actor and manager are a team (and there is no I in team).



Wendy: When do you drop actors?


Dropping is such a harsh word. If the relationship between the actor and agent isn’t working perhaps it isn’t a great fit. It’s important to communicate with your representation and have an open dialogue. Sometimes, it works very well and unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t. That never means to give up. It simply means that there is a better agent/client relationship somewhere else. 


Amy thank you so much for insight into your world!



Interview with Amy LORD, Talent Agent at Salt Talent in Los Angeles.

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